I'm actually looking to make a simplier version of the Radioactivity module.

I wonder if there are any modules out there that are using Google statistics to display content.


Google Analytics Statistics has integration with views...

Project page says

This module provides views integration for the Google Analytics Data Export API.

This allows you to use Google Analytics directly through views to do things like Most Popular, Most Read ect. You can combine the statistics to create interesting results.

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You can consider using Drupal Most Popular Module

The module is pre-packaged with several services including: Google Analytics - Most Viewed pages

  1. Create any number of Most Popular widget blocks, displaying any combination of services and intervals.
  2. Customize the maximum number of results to display for each block.
  3. Show or hide the number of page hits for most popular items.
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There's a module called Google Analytics Counter. This is from its project page:

Views integration with any of the storage tables. If using the module's table, to add the counter values for nodes to your view you just need to add field "Pageview Total". Sorting and filtering by the counter values works as well. This for example allows you to show nodes sorted by their popularity!.

Here you can learn how to configure it.

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