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I have two different panels layouts - one for editing, the other for adding nodes of the same content type ("Contact Details").

A panel page for overriding 'edit' pages exists in Panels (in code), which I have activated. I've made a variant which works for 'edit' pages, but it is also overriding the 'add' page with the same layout.

I've added a context of 'Node add form' with 'Contact Details' as the 'Node type'. Also added a selection rule:

Node: type / Node add form is type "Contact Details"

Both forms still appear in the same panel layout (the one for 'edit' pages).

Help much appreciated :)

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Try using String: URL path in variant Selection Rule.

Edit path: "node/*/edit"

New path: use your content type path (node/add/your-content-type)

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