I would like to know what is the BEST WAY to generate thumbnails in drupal? I need to create a semi news style website in Drupal that requires me to GENERATE THUMBNAILS AUTOMATICALLY from Articles I created. I attached a sample website screenshot from a similar website I am trying to imitate.

Is there a Good Drupal module can you recommend? or much better a Drupal function I can insert in PAGE.TPL.PHP to generate thumbnails from my articles or posts and display it in the front page?

Thank you in advance sirs.

creation of website thumbnails in drupal


You can view module for your display

  1. Go to structure -> views -> add new view
  2. Checked -> create block
  3. Set the required fields based on image

    enter image description here

  4. Click save button

  5. Check If block is exist or not in Structure -> Block
  6. If block exist that block Drag particular region .
  7. Click "configure" and set specified page

And also float:left used to article body summary is displayed in left side


You can use Views module to achieve above...

For more details visit documentation page of views module.


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