Question: How can I import a Webform via the https://drupal.org/project/webform_share API?

What do I know/current state: The API shows a graphical UI to do it, but I'd need a way to do it via an exported function, if any (e.g. a function call like webform_share_import($formspec)).

Reason/scenario: Because I want to install some forms in the .install of a module.


Found: there's not an exported API, but an implementation of a regular form hook for the UI, which does all the magic (webform_share.module:123).

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  • It is disappointing to answer my own questions and find a negative one :(. – Luis Masuelli Mar 10 '14 at 22:50

See this issue.

In the comments, it shows that there is a function called _webform_share_eval() in the webform_share.module file.

function _webform_share_eval($str) {
  return empty($webform) ? FALSE : $webform;

It's very simple to use this to import a webform and save a node.

// Create the node
$node = new stdClass();
$node->type = 'webform';
$node->title = 'Contact Us';
$node->status = 1;

// Import the webform
$node->language = 'und';
$node->webform = _webform_share_eval(file_get_contents(drupal_get_path('module', 'mymodule') . '/webform.txt'));
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