I have create Two node ‘Partners’ & ‘Project form’.

I used relation module & create directional relation between two nodes.

Partner’s node have following fields: enter image description here

I have to select multiple partners in Project form, so I added relation widget into project form for create relation with partner’s node. Currently that field’s display partners node id as per below screenshot:

enter image description here

Instead of that I want to display partner’s details like (partner name-dept-country-city) & also allow to search using same string as per below screen-shot: enter image description here


When you go to the reference fields there will be an option to display view as a reference option. You need to create a view and attach it there.

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  • refrence field are availabe with 'relation select' not with 'relation add' and how can we attach concated string using views. – user2484696 Mar 14 '14 at 9:00

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