I've installed the Views Bootstrap module primarily so that I can easily create the same carousels that the Bootstrap/non Drupal parts of our site use. I would prefer to use Views Bootstrap or else I will have to use a different carousel module and try to style it so it looks the same.

I have for images in my result set. All I am getting right now is a page with one number for each image like this:


Below this I get the images, left aligned, one per row.

In the view settings I am using Bootstrap Carousel for Format and Bootstrap Carousel for Show. I get this same result whether I am using this view as a block or as a page. I don't know if it matters but I am using the Omega 3 theme.

Any help would be appreciated.



To use Views Bootstrap module you need to have theme that based on Twitter Bootstrap. If your theme is not based on it, you may take a look to similar modules, such as Nivo slider


That's how it appears in the view but, if you place your view in a panel or in a region you'll see the bootstrap carousel working like a charm :)


I had a similar issue where my Slideshow images were listed in an order, instead of functioning as a slideshow. Initially I though it was the problem of Jquery.

But it was not basically I read through the documentation found that for my version of Drupal and Bootstrap which is Drupal 8 and Bootstrap 3 I am suppose to install 8.x-3.x version of Views_Bootstrap

Walla! All of sudden my slide show started to work again.

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