I have a simple csv file I'm trying to import with feeds. Most of the fields are going in just fine, but the dates are failing. And after following the process through in a debugger, I cannot see why this fails - the date exists when Feeds saves the node, so why does this fail?.

screenshot of debugger shows that entity has date information immediately after entitySaved is called Above: This screenshot of my debugger shows that entity has date information immediately after entitySaved is called. I cannot detect anything unusual about the object format - looks kosher. The date was added as the field_deadline_proposals:end. A date can be a range, so I assume this is the proper way to save a single date (non-range).

screenshot of database immediately after node save Above: This is a screenshot of the database table for field_deadline_proposals immediately after node save. Node 258 does not have the information I expect.

This is the relevant excerpt from my csv doc, with headers:

4,034-009  Robinson Pkwy,"Robinson Pkwy -Walkthru 6/22/09  9:30am.  Log onto the website for more information. Due date has been moved to 7/6/09  11:00am",TRUE,RFP_034-009  Robinson Pkwy_034-009_doc.pdf,7-6-2009 11:00,29-06-2009 13:00,7-1-2009 13:50,19-06-2009 9:29

My dates are currently in d-m-yyyy hh:mm format, which seems to work just fine and was recommended in this related post. Frankly, I don't think the date format it much of an issue - I have had success with other formats, including using feeds_tamper to convert the date to UNIX timestamps. In all cases, though, the save fails, so I suspect some other issue :-/

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Got it. Turns out that adding a new mapping that used the same date field with the Deadling for Proposals: start target solved things.

This wasn't particularly intuitive for me, so maybe this will be helpful for someone else too.

enter image description here

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