How do I can embed a qiucktab instance in page? I'm not going to create a region and assign the quicktab into that region. is there anyway to do such thing without using region?

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You can use QuickTabs Field Collection module. Module page says :

The Quick Tabs Field Collection module provides a field formatter for rendering field collections as Quick Tabs.

Usage :

  1. Go to the Manage Display page for any Entity that contains a field-collection field.
  2. Change the formatter to QuickTabs
  3. Click the gear icon on the right to access the formatter settings.

    (REQUIRED) Enter the machine-name of the field to use for the tab values.

    (REQUIRED) Enter the machine-name of the field to use for the tab contents.

    Optionally tick the box to strip all HTML tags from the tab content.

    Optionally add custom classes that will output in the field-collection wrapper div.

    Optionally configure the available QuickTabs options.

  4. Adjust formatter settings for each of the fields in the field-collection.


After creating the quicktabs, you can render the quicktab programatically from the template file of that page.

Please put the below code inside your template file:

  $quicktabs = quicktabs_build_quicktabs('myquicktab');
  print render($quicktabs);

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