Can somebody explain to me the difference between a content type and a bundle? Is the latter just a bundle for the entity node?

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Bundle is a generic term that applies to every entity Drupal or third-party modules define; content type is a specific term that applies to nodes.
Since nodes and content types were introduced a way before Drupal 7, content type was the first concept introduced, which then got expanded into the bundle concept when entities were introduced in Drupal 7.

So, yes, a content type is a bundle for the Node entity.


A content type is just a bundle of the node entity.

  • Erm..what? It seems to me that a content type is an instance of a node for a particular type of content (ah ha!). In Drupal 7, entities were introduced (of which nodes are one species of entity) and entities have bundles. So a node entity has a bundle, which is called a content type. So a content type is a bundle of the node entity (ahh, now I get what you wrote!) ;) Mar 17, 2014 at 15:52
  • kind of confusing ;)
    – Sven
    Mar 18, 2014 at 7:55

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