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Does drupal.org make any data dumps available for the content it hosts? I would love a full dump of module / theme / distribution data, etc. without having to scrape the site.

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http://updates.drupal.org/release-history/project-list/all is a XML-document that lists all projects and their releases. It's a large file, but should provide all the info you need.


I think this is what you're looking for? ftp://ftp.drupal.org/

This dir seems to have all modules ftp://ftp.drupal.org/pub/drupal/files/projects/pub/drupal/files/projects/

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    That's not a folder, it's a zero-byte file...and I think you meant ftp.drupal.org/pub/drupal/files/projects – Clive Mar 20 '14 at 13:22
  • @Clive /pub/drupal/files/projects/pub/drupal/files/projects/ that is definitely a folder. Also downloading all that crap via HTTP would be a real pain in the ass, I definitely meant ftp:// – jdu Mar 20 '14 at 14:21
  • Sorry, auto correct on my phone, the protocol was still supposed to be FTP the path just changed (it looks like you've doubled up on the path). My FTP client (nor chrome/safari) can resolve the URL in the answer – Clive Mar 20 '14 at 14:27

Here you can find all downloadable files from drupal.org, but the page took about 5 minutes to load (I have a bad internet connection, but still, looks really long to load): http://ftp.drupal.org/files/projects/


Assuming you actually want to "know" the version information, well, then you have an API!

For drupal.org-hosted modules, the URL is: http://updates.drupal.org/release-history

If you want to check if a module is available, query in the following pattern:

  • Views module example: http://updates.drupal.org/release-history/views/8.x/
  • follow module (no 8.x): http://updates.drupal.org/release-history/follow/8.x/

Hope this helps.

  • This doesn't help in getting the complete list of available modules but is still pretty useful for getting info on single modules. – Bala Clark Mar 20 '14 at 15:22

You can obtain a list of stable releases in this file: https://drupal.org/files/releases.tsv (~4MB).

See my response here for details: Is there a drupal.org API for retrieving the list of available modules?

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