I am using D7 with Organic groups and Organic groups register. I have created the groups and when viewing a group node the link to 'Request group membership' is visible and working.

I wish a user to be able to select a group to join when registering to use the site. I have been unable to get this to work despite lots of attempts.

This issue has been discussed quite a bit as a number of people have problems with it. There is a very short answer to a previous Drupal Answers question but it isn't very explicit. Judging by the lack of up-votes, I suspect other people have been unable to use the solution successfully.

This comment in a thread about the issue discusses the steps, but lots of people, myself included, have been unable to get this to work. People in another thread are also having problems with this.

I am hesitant to create a duplicate question, but there seems to be a real need for this to be documented clearly in a way that people can follow.



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