I have an image file field and I am attempting to write a little script that will programmatically scan my nodes and save images found in the body of my node into an image file field entitled field_post_image

I've been looking at the default process of what Drupal 7 + Image Field does and the example on SO found here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5129559/attaching-files-to-nodes-programmatically-in-drupal-7

I figured the best practice would be to save the images to the same folder as the file field destination in an effort to keep my /sites/default/files clean of orphaned files etc.

I've looked at both field_info_field and field_info_instance in the Field Info API and I can't seem to find the files destination (as configured in the Field UI)

Am I missing something and/or am I looking in the wrong place?


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It's part of the instance settings of the file field, but it supports tokens. You want to call file_field_widget_uri($field, $instance), that will give you a URI you can use to save the file.

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