I want to perform some admin configurations through drush using vset the way I've used it in the past, such as the following:

drush vset site_name Example;

drush vset site_offline 1;

drush vset preprocess_css;

If I wanted to turn off email varification on the following page, is there a variable I can use drush vset to set the variable to 0 or 1?


If so, how would I find the variable names for admin configurations to know which ones can be set by drush?


On administration forms system_settings_form is normally used to return form, so the element id is same as the variable name without the "#edit-" with underscores.

For example on: /admin/config/system/site-information

id="edit-site-mail" -> drush vset site_mail peter@email.com

To turn off the email verification:

"edit-user-email-verification" -> drush vset user_email_verification 1

Drush returns all variables that match with your variable name, so if you only know part of the name you can try:

drush vget email

returns all matches:

user_mail_status_canceled_notify: 0
user_mail_status_canceled_subject: "Account details for [user:name] at [site:name] (canceled)"
reroute_email_address: "debug@email.net"
reroute_email_enable: "TRUE"

Module devel (https://drupal.org/project/devel) let you check all drupal variables on this menu callback: /devel/variable

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