I have a content type where user allowed to add the content, which create a node of that particular content, when i click to that content for detail page it re-direct to the node page created by authenticated user, but the address bar is something like

www.myexample.com/node/23 23

or some no. Now i want the address should be


please help me.


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  1. Install Pathauto
  2. Visit the URL Alias Patterns page at /admin/config/search/path/patterns
  3. Choose an appropriate token-based pattern for your content type in the relevant text field, before saving. (e.g. [node:content-type]/[node:title])
  4. Visit the "Bulk Update" tab and generate all Content aliases.

From now on any time you (or anyone else) creates a node of that type, the URL alias will be automatically set.

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