I have profile 2 installed. I added a new field called "maiden name" to my profile form using the "add existing field" option. I had previously created this field in the default user registration form.

Now I want to delete the field (maiden name) from the user registration form. Please how can I transfer the data/values to the new field in my profile 2 form.

Thank you.


This in untested code so you will need to adjust the paths to get the correct values however it shows the general approach to take:

$uids = db_query("SELECT uid FROM user WHERE status=1")->fetchCol();

foreach($uids as $uid) {
    $account = user_load($uid);
    $profile2 = profile2_load_by_user($account, 'profile_2_type_name_here');
    $profile2['maiden_name']->field_maiden_name[LANGUAGE_NONE][0]['value'] = $account->field_maiden_name[LANGUAGE_NONE][0]['value'];
  • Thank you. Please where do I put this code? – seyi Mar 26 '14 at 16:15
  • In a custom module. – Felix Eve Mar 26 '14 at 16:16

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