When I create a user a 'supplier' must be selected. When a user creates a product a 'supplier' must also be selected. Now I would like to show all the products with supplier = supplier logged in user. I now have a table with all my products listed, but now I need to add the filter. Is there a module for this or can this be done in another way? Because when I now want to add a filter only the product fields are shown.


Instead of listing products filtered by Supplier field. You want to build your View from Users and add a relationship to Products linked through your Supplier field -- see this thread with further documentation: https://drupal.org/node/1111722

So its something like the following from my above link:

  • Create a user view.
  • Add a contextual filter on user: uid. If no filter value is present, build a default value using the currently logged in user. (This will give you exactly one user object in your view -- the logged in user.)
  • Add a relationship, using the relevant taxonomy reference field on the user accounts. This will bring you information about the "interest" term for the logged in user.
  • Add another relationship, called "term: nodes marked with term" (or something like that). This will bring you information about all nodes marked with the interest term for the logged in user.
  • Either set the view to display node teasers, or select a number of fields to display.
  • Add a display as usual. Done!

Alternatively you could use Views Global Filter to set a filter based on the profile value most likely.


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