I want to add form elements inside my custom form when some body clicks on the link outside the form. Links are like :

  • Add textfield
  • Add selectlist

When user click on any link it via ajax add an element to the form. I just want and idea whether it is possible or not in drupal. If it is possible then just give me some idea about this.



This is absolutely possible. I would highly recommend that you check out Drupals AJAX framework and Form API.

You might even be able to use the Form API's "#states' features to accomplish what you're looking to do without having to make any AJAX callbacks.

There is also the Examples for Developers project that I believe contains code that accomplishes what your hoping to accomplish.

You can view a live version of the Examples for Developers project here. You can find the the AJAX Examples in the navigation on the left. Here are a few of the specific sections you should look at:

These should help you get started with the AJAX framework in Drupal.


You should take a look at Examples module or in particular the AJAX example https://api.drupal.org/api/examples/ajax_example!ajax_example.module/7 It's really helpful.

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