I override node display for content type Match Fixtures by creating node--match-fixtures.tpl.php file and put code below:

$location = $content['field_stadium'][0]['#locations'];
$stadium_map = array('id' => 'stadium_map',
             'latitude' => $location['latitude'],
             'longitude'=> $location['longitude'],
             'zoom'     => 13,
             'width'    => '100%',
             'height'   => '400px',
             'type'     => 'Satellite',

echo theme('gmap', array('#settings' => $stadium_map)) 

But it show wrong map and also not 100% width. I use gmap and location module. What is the correct way?


If its showing the wrong map, you might be displaying the wrong view mode. Make sure you have set the gmap display for view mode full.

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