I got taxonomy menu 'Categories' which list all Terms as menu links, so when clicked, it would open a list of items tagged with that term: enter image description here

So if you click on Hats & Visors, it would open the list of hats and visors. The problem is, that it doesn't, only the first view (in this case t-shirts) works. In the rest of the views it only generates empty views container. Also if I changed filter in the T-Shirts view to filter Hats & Visors, it would work, the Hats & Visors section would show hats, but then T-Shirts section would stop working. I do not understand the problem.

My views settings: enter image description here

Non-working views: enter image description here

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Boy this is a big one. Got solution with Commerce Search API, simply re-created Kickstart's Collection view and got same result. View looks like this now: enter image description here

As you can see it all runs in one Display only. Each taxonomy term menu link generates a view display for its category term listing product display nodes rendered via entities.

Also following this Commerce Search API video tutorial really helped to understand the basics how it works: http://vimeo.com/53404289

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