I used Pathauto to create URLs for my nodes like gallery/[node:title].

I created a view with an argument, and the path is gallery/% (% is the node title), but when I point my browser to that URL, I get the standard node, not the view.

How can I override the paths to get my view on that path?
How can I increase the weight of views.module?


To increase the weight of views.module, you can execute the following code:

  ->fields(array('weight' => 10))
  ->condition('name', 'views')
  • I made a mistake when I wrote the post :) the problem is still there, I need to override those and give more weight to the views so drupal will render my view instead of a normal page.
    – Sergiu B
    Mar 21 '11 at 1:08

I think the best option here is to actually let Panels take care of this. Install panels, create a variant of the node view panel for the specific node type(s) you want, and then place the view on the panel page. There are a few other options (hook_menu_alter(), using hook_url_alter() to rewrite the node links rather than using pathauto), but I would definitely go the panels route.

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