I've got a dump from my Drupal database that I've created with Backup and Migrate.

I want to find out which versions of the modules ctools and Panels have been in use.

Where do I have to look? What do I have to search for?

  • Sounds like you have a running site, so why don't you simply look at the modules list using the Drupal UI? Care to explain what you're after?
    – berliner
    Apr 2, 2014 at 0:46

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  • Import the dump file into mysql database. Create a new database in your localhost and import the db using your backup file
  • Browse System table.
  • Run below query

    SELECT info FROM system WHERE filename LIKE '%ctools.module%' ORDER BY system.name ASC LIMIT 0 , 30

  • You will see version information in info column. Search for "Version". Above information is serialized.

  • For Example, As you see below "Ctools" module is 6.x-1.11 version. You can do same for panels module by changing query.

enter image description here


Aside from database dump, with the "Views System" module you can get details (although it seems a bit unstable).

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