I want to create a greeting card and send to the users email. How can I merge text on an image?



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Look at Image Cache Actions:

Effects provided

  • Watermarking - a much requested addition that enables you to place any image anywhere over a source picture, with alpha transparency
  • Overlays - Add photo-corners etc to the image
  • Text overlay - add a short copyright notice to your image, using available system fonts
  • Color-shifting - Colorize images. Also invert.
  • Brighten/Darken Alpha blending - turn an image into a transparent mask, and back into a flat image against another color
  • Canvas manipulation - add padding, either onto color or transparent backgrounds *Background - Place your image onto another source background
  • File Format switcher - If you need tranparency in JPGs : make them PNG. If your PNG thumbnails are 30K each, save them as JPGs. (This is distributed as part of the color-actions submodule)
  • Rounded corners (transparent). With input from canaryMason, we can even set different radius for different corners, and round just one corner etc.
  • Aspect Switcher - lets you perform different actions or use different dimensions based on whether the image is 'landscape' or 'portrait'
  • Custom Actions - Execute your own PHP/GD code in the middle of an imagecache generation process. Requires some familiarity with imageAPI internals.
  • Posterize new as of 7.x-1.4- Reduce the image to a limited number of color levels per channel. This effect can be used to reduce file size on png images.

How this module adds text over an image (which is your question) I leave to you to figure out by browsing and deconstructing the module sourcecode.

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