I'm new to Drupal and am wondering if anyone could provide direction on this.

Basically I have 2 content types - one called 'clinics' and one called 'clinic groups'. Each 'clinic' has a node-reference to a 'clinic group' node. What I'm trying to achieve is basically, if I'm on the 'clinic group' page - I'd like to pull back all the nodes 'clinics' under it, that reference it.

Is this possible in views?

Thanks everyone.

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You could do this using views.Create a view where under

Fields you select your group as Node, Under that choose Title.

For Filters select Node Type, Operator: Is one of and select Clinic content type.

Under Arguments select your group as Content. Under that choose Clinic_group (the node reference field).

You can add additional parameters to your view like Number of items to display, more fields like Node: Body and maybe a filter that Node: Published, select yes.

To see a preview, under live preview give the arguments as node number and click Preview.

Hope this helps!


Not sure if it works with Views by itself, but the Node Relationships module uses customized views for output.

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