There was an access denied issue that I could not get past with my current test drupal install. I installed another drupal instance with a new db and still get this access denied error trying to get into the Admin area. This is not a cpanel, it is a server that is being setup for me.

Does anyone have ideas I can work through to get this resolved?

Does the admin have any special permissions that it needs to "chmod" etc... areas of the drupal site?


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Are you login as an admin. I mean UID = 1 ? Try to reset the super user password and loggin again.

DRUPAL 6 and below: UPDATE users SET pass = MD5('givememypasswordback') WHERE uid=1; DRUPAL 7 - https://drupal.org/node/1023428

Also check error logs if you think its an internal permission issue.

  • Tried what you suggested here. Turns out it was a settings.php issue with the cookie_domain. Issue was, the settings.php wasn't taking my changes, however, the file would upload without any "errors" letting me know that it really didn't get overwritten. Server issue... Apr 2, 2014 at 5:31

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