This seems like a known issue but I actually didn't find a solution for this anywhere.

In commerce, if I apply a discount/pricing rule to a certain product, add it to cart, and go to checkout, table would say eg

Product - 120$ (discounted from original 200$)
Subtotal - 200$

The subtotal is taken from the original product price and doesn't include the applied discount. It would be a lesser problem if that was just display issue. But the tax is then actually calculated from the subtotal, making the order total wrong

Is there a solution for that?

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Since this question is now almost 2 years old, I assume this "discount" that they were dealing with was an older version of commerce_discount. The newest version doesn't have any kind of subtotaling problems because it affectively utilizes the price calculation system for discounting.

  • Still the subtotal shows the original price, not the discounted price, where as the line item shows the discounted price. So the subtotal is simply wrong.
    – Kevin Siji
    Feb 23, 2016 at 11:08

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