I have a website with various articles of clothing for sale. Here's how I have it set up:

Product Display content items:

Mens V-Neck Tshirt
Mens Tank Top Tshirt
Womens Tshirt
Childrens Tshirt

Product content items (in Commerce):

Mens V-Neck Tshirt - Red - Large
Mens V-Neck Tshirt - Blue - Large
Mens Tank Top Tshirt - Green - Small


Colors (Red, Blue, Green) and sizes (Large, Small, etc) are set up as Select-List fields with the Enable this field to function as an attribute field on Add to Cart forms option enabled.

I need to allow my shoppers to search for shirts that have Red as an available color, or that have Small as an available size. So if they searched for shirts that are Red and Small, they would receive no results based on the product list above, but if they search for Green and Small, they would see the Mens Tank Top Tshirt product display item in their search results.

How can I set this up? With Views/exposed filters, perhaps? Or...?


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Use Commerce Search API module. Basically you are gonna have to set up Facets to achieve what you want.

This screen cast here walks you through on which modules you have to enable and how to tweak your configurations.

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