Is it possible to copy (clone) regions (or at least blocks) with their settings from one panel to another panel? I have two different panel pages, but some of the regions are the same in both panels. Could I just set such common regions once and then "copy" them to another panel?

thanks for advice Tomas


Panels supports cloning/exporting the whole panel page, as well as individual page variants. It doesn't support cloning/exporting individual content panes (afaik)

However, you could potentially do it manually manipulating the panel export code.


  • Export source page with new panes to clone
  • Copy desired pane definition from code export
  • Export target page to save into
  • Copy pane definition back into the desired section of the export code
  • Reimport the exported target page.

Manual, but something like that would work. You could also do it programmatically with the ctools/panels api.

  • thanks for answer. I have to study the export code and then I will give feedback) – tomas.teicher Apr 8 '14 at 9:00

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