I have a entity-reference field that enables multiple-references (cardinality is set to -1). The problem is that it allows multiple 'same' references => it is possible to save two references to one specific node.

I know I can limit that using my own validation function but I have this feeling that there has to be easier way (e.g. some settings that I don't know about).

If there's none then sorry for useless question.

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I don't think the Entity Reference module ships with this feature. But the entityreference unique module should be sufficient for your need. It is in alpha mode, so I would check the issue queue to see if there are any security/critical issues with it before using it on a production env.

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  • I'll look how they handle it and implement it my way probably. Anyway, thanks. – Petrroll Apr 4 '14 at 20:06

Looking at entityreference unique module (thanks awm) I discovered that the best way to implement it is using entityreference behavior plugin, to be more specific its validate function.

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