I have removed all tabs of user's page and node page with the help of Tab Tamer module, but i want to keep only one tab enabled i.e "Edit".

how to enabled only tab(Edit) or a link to edit profile on the user's page and edit link on node page.

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Go to admin/config/system/tabtamer and enable tabs as you want.enter image description here


The module you're using (Tab Tamer) lets you individually disable and enable each tab. Navigate to admin » config » system » tabtamer to do it. Note that for any tab to show, you need to always keep the View tab enabled.

See illustration below for enabling the Edit tab and disabling the Revisions tab.

enter image description here

If you don't want the View tab to show, but still want to provide users with permissions to update (i.e. edit) with a link which redirect to the edit page for the node, put the follwoing code snipped in your node.tpl.php in the place in the template where you want the link to appear.

if (node_access('update', $node)) {
  // Create link to the the edit page for the current node.
  echo l(t('Edit this node'), 'node/' . $node->nid . '/edit');

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