When I add menu items manually, they work fine. When I try this I get no delete link in the admin, and I can't edit the menu items.

$link = array();
$link['link_title'] = "text";
$link['link_path'] = 'node';
$link['menu_name'] = $menu;
$link['expanded'] = 1;
$link['module'] = "dl_migration";
$link['weight'] = $i;
menu_link_save( $link );

The reason the "delete" link is not shown is that the link is only shown when the menu item is created by (or associated to) the Menu module. _menu_overview_tree_form() contains the following code:

  // Only items created by the menu module can be deleted.
  if ($item['module'] == 'menu' || $item['updated'] == 1) {
    $operations['delete'] = l(t('delete'), 'admin/build/menu/item/' . $item['mlid'] . '/delete');

menu_link_save() uses some defaults for the array $item passed as argument; this means that if the module associated with the menu link is not explicitly set, it receives the default value ("menu").

  // Load defaults.
  $item += array(
    'menu_name' => 'navigation', 
    'weight' => 0, 
    'link_title' => '', 
    'hidden' => 0, 
    'has_children' => 0, 
    'expanded' => 0, 
    'options' => array(), 
    'module' => 'menu', 
    'customized' => 0, 
    'updated' => 0,
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  • Uhm, yeah, that's what I said above. Thanks for fleshing out the answer tho. It's a stupid paradigm though, don'tcha think? – jhchnc Sep 22 '11 at 15:06
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    I think the idea is that users should not be allowed to delete links programmatically added by third-party modules; users should just be able to disable those links. It makes perfectly sense to me, especially in the case a module help text makes reference to those links. – kiamlaluno Sep 22 '11 at 15:52
  • It should be an option -- during the large migration I'm setting up we are going to be using a module to create a set of menus. Marking those with our module name is preferable because it limits things conceptually. Ah well. – jhchnc Sep 22 '11 at 16:00
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    You can propose a feature request for Drupal. It would help to have a flag that allows to modules to create a menu link that can be deleted from users, even if the value for "module" is not "menu." In that way, a module could add custom links users can delete, and still be able to delete the links when it is uninstalled. – kiamlaluno Sep 25 '11 at 15:05

Specifying the module name is what caused the lack of ability to delete. I'm not sure why, though. Sort of lame I think.

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