I have a body field (Text field with summary) with WYSIWYG CKeditor enabled.

However, the "summary" part of the field lacks a WYSIWYG editor.
How can I enable it?


The WYSIWYG module's logic acts on text fields with input formats, if you want to explicitly target a form element by its ID you can use the CKEditor module instead.


Under your content type -> manage fields for the summary field you can enable text processing to be filtered text (user selects input format). Hope that helps.

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    It seems to refer to the main field, not to the summary. At least, I have it already set to be filtered and have the WYSIWYG editor only in the main field (not in the summary). – Michał Pękała Sep 10 '11 at 16:44

I had created my own summary field in CCK. I use the CKeditor and this only worked after I realised I had to configure the field as a multiline text area and not as a single line text field.


I just tried WYSIWYG module version 7.x-2.x-dev with CKEditor (the editor, not the Drupal module), and it actually worked -- the summary field now displays with a wysiwyg editor instead of the plain textarea.


If you are using the wysiwyg module you can enable/disable this in the wysiwyg profile settings. It’s in the fieldset at the bottom: «Basic settings - Enable on summary fields».

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