I have two custom Drupal modules moduleA and moduleB. moduleA has all the functions for Ajax calls i.e. ajax_example_dependent_dropdown_callback and _ajax_example_get_second_dropdown_options.

I create a content type in moduleB called content_type_b. I am using Ajax calls in moduleB to populate drop down in content_type_b.

While creating content for content_type_b, I try to choose a value from the drop down. The first time, it works fine. The second time I get an error saying "An Illegal choice has been selected. Please contact the administrator". All these events happen before a node insert.

When I looked into the logs, the hook_node_validate of moduleA is getting called. The node insert must happen in moduleB. So node_validate of moduleB must be called. I think since the Ajax functions were present in moduleA, the node_validate of moduleA is being called.

Please advice how to proceed in this situation.


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The issue was fixed by changing one of the fields in the Content Type to List(text) instead of node reference. After this the "Illegal choice error" disappeared.

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