Not sure if this is issue of the Title module which I have enabled, or just a bad configuration.

To reproduce:

1- Create a content type: My content and checked Enabled, with translation

2- Create a english node with title: My english node title. Save

3- Create a translation for that node to french with title: My french node title. Save

4- Now(after I saved the french node) if I go to edit the english node the title field is empty

It happens in the other way too. If I edit and save the english node and then I go to edit the french node the title field is empty

How can I trace this? It seems a bug to me, but not sure.

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Do you want to manage your content type translation at node level or field level ? You can have a mix of both on the same site if needed, for different content types, but don't mix up within a content type.

If you choose "basic" node translation for content type A, you won't need the Title module, so if it's enabled/in use for content type B, just don't "replace" (admin/structure/types/manage/content_type_A/fields/replace/title) the built in node title of A by a field.

Then when you translate a node from node/xxx/translate then node/add/content_type_A?translation=xxx&target=lang , everything should be ok.

Read also Gábor Hojtsy explanations which are still valuable about translation settings, or Randy Fay Field translation: First steps

  • Since I was not using field translation I just disabled the entity_translation module and the problem was gone. Maybe a conflict between title and entity_translation modules.
    – chefnelone
    Apr 13, 2014 at 16:35

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