I've installed Omega 4 but drush cannot find the omega help set or the omega command set -- nor can I. Where are these supposed to be located? Without them, I cannot easily create a subtheme with drush, or do any of the drush goodies in omega 4.

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Drush can only find additional commands in themes and modules if it knows where your Drupal site is. There are several ways you can do this; cd to the directory that contains your settings.php file, or pass --root and --uri on the commandline to point at the Drupal Root and site uri (e.g. mysite.com), or define a site alias and pass @alias on the command line. See the Drush README file on the github project page for more information.

  • Thanks, Greg. The problem was that the documentation advised cd'ing to the Drupal root directory, not the directory containing the settings file. Because I had a multisite setup, this wouldn't work. Initially, I solved the problem by manually building an Omega 4 subtheme and cd'ing into it, after which drush found the omega help set.
    – stuzog
    Apr 22, 2014 at 16:19

Had the same problem because I've placed my themes in profile folder, it works good If I move them back to sites/all/themes/

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