In several places on my site I use an "add node" link that lets users add a node (I'm using organic groups). After saving the node, I'd like to redirect users back to the page on which they clicked the "add node" link.

I know how to redirect users to a specific page after saving a node, but that doesn't work in this case, as the add link shows up on several pages.

I've tried setting $form_state['redirect'] = false, but that also doesn't help as it puts users back in the node edit page.

Would be wonderful if anyone could point me in the right direction. Thanks!

EDIT: 2 minutes after I posted this I came up with the following: <a href="node/add/contact?destination=node/52">Add Contact</a>

This redirects the user to node 52, which happens to be the group page on which this add link lives. This is a step in the right direction. Would be even better if I could use a token in the link.


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You can use Token Filter module and the following code should work:

<a href="node/add/contact?destination=[site:current-page:path]">Add Contact</a>

Make sure that the token filter is available in the text format you are using.

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