This seams like quite a basic thing but I cannot work out how to do this in Views, since the Views filter criteria has no option to use the data/value from a specific field or token. There is only an option to add a constant value or to expose the field, neither of which are useful in my case.

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I have a list of entities which I would like to filter based on the value of a node field; and this value is auto assigned through a default token set in the content type. The field is a plain text field with a date in it, which I would like to use to filter my list of entities to only show the entities created on that particular date.

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I have worked out how to do this finally. You need to install the token filter module and then when entering a value for a filter inside Views, you can make the operator "equal to" a token. Meaning, you can filter by the value of a particular field or anything else exposed as a token.

  • Can you explain more? I've tried this just now in D7 and views 3, and I don't see how 'make the operator "equal to" a token'.
    – Turion
    Commented Jul 20, 2014 at 11:27

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