$form['name'] = array(
        '#type' => 'textfield',
        '#title' => t('Name'),
        '#size' => '27',
        '#inline' => 'true',
        '#required' => TRUE,
        '#prefix' => '<div id="ajax-link">',
        '#suffix' => '</div><div id="ajax-display"></div>',
        '#ajax' => array(
          'effect' => 'fade',
          'callback' => 'ajax_textfield_callback',
          'wrapper' => 'ajax-display',
          'event' => 'onkeypress',   /////////////////Want to add event

Here in example i have to add event (slashed location). By Default it takes on change event. I want to change that event to onkeypress event.


See this link.

You can specify any valid jQuery event.

So, you need to change 'onkeypress' to 'keypress'.


By definition from MDN

The onkeypress property sets and returns the onKeyPress event handler code for the current element.

onkeypress is not a event name but a element property for returning the event handler.

The event name should be keypress.

Theoretically, jQuery should be able to handle any JS event name.

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