I have been saving a series of database export files each time I do a git commit of my Drupal site. I have a nice git repository for my site files and a messy folder for my database backups. Because the database file is related to a commit, should the database file be included with the Drupal site files (in a temporary folder of some kind?) It seems helpful to bind these files together in a single commit. However, this practice does not seem commonplace, so there may be a problem with it. Have I overlooked a major issue?

If so, would it be better to create another repository for my database backups?

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It should be the right way so that both site & database are in sync.

I'd suggest you better backup the (zipped) mysql dump from backup-migrate module. If you can use lzma compression then you can save another 20% space on mysql backups using this way.

  • I'm considering keeping it unzipped so that the file can be diff-ed
    – Hoytman
    Apr 18, 2014 at 17:06

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