I have a problem with my navigation menu which may be related to a duplicate url. A view or or other module may be creating the same url and a different view/module. At this point, I do not know what the duplicate url is. How would I search my site for duplicate or conflicting urls? is there a module for that?

Would XML sitemap list duplicate urls?

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You can use the PHP function menu_get_item('path/in/question') to determine more about what module is responding to the url.

If the path is an alias, you may need to use drupal_get_normal_path($alias).

So if you use drush, you might run

drush ev "print_r(menu_get_item(drupal_get_normal_path('path/in/question'))"

That should return an array, which will likely have a 'page callback' element which will tell you the function (and hence, the module) that is handling that url.

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