How do I convert a theme hook suggestion into a function in template.php?

Here is an example I pulled using TEMPLATE_preprocess_field() with dpm().

enter image description here

What would I name my function in template.php to utilize field__field_video_virtual_tour__basic_drealty_listing, and where can I find the default theme function for a text field to use?


The default theme function for all fields is (wait for it), theme_field(). You can copy this function into your own theme, and rename it to MYTHEME_field(), either to alter or to refer to as reference.

You would then name your specific version MYTHEME_field__field_video_virtual_tour__basic_drealty_listing(). Note the two underscores separating the parts.

For reference, the standard suggestions are

  • MYTHEME_field()

Also remember, these are really just to wrap your elements with some HTML. If you want to change the way the element itself gets rendered out, you should really make a field formatter.

  • You're absolutely right. A custom Field Formatter is what I was ultimately needing. This did answer my theme override question as well though, thank you @MPD.
    – Citricguy
    Apr 24 '14 at 2:31

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