How can I unfollow (i.e. unsubscribe from email notifications) an issue on Drupal.org that I automatically followed when I commented on the issue?

  • It's broken, see this issue on drupal.org. I suggest you subscribe to that thread. – Bart Sep 12 '11 at 18:33

To unsubscribe to the issues for a project, for example the "Drupal.org web masters" project, you need to:

Unable to unsubscribe to drupal.org issues is an old issue that has been opened in 2006, and it has been marked as fixed. I can confirm that unsubscribing from an issue queue works, as I have done it many times in the last years.

  • This method unsubscribes from all issues for the given project, not just one issue. – crantok Feb 27 '19 at 13:49

To unfollow an issue on drupal.org, find the "Following" link. (If you are using a mouse then hovering over the link will change it to say "Unfollow".) Click on that link to unfollow.

enter image description here

The link should now say "Follow".

enter image description here

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