We're looking to create a drupal commerce site with multiple languages for Drupal translated manually stored different translations in a seperate fields. Different fields would be displayed upon changing the language type.


field_title (english) -> field_title_fr (french) -> field_title_gr (german)

field_description (english) -> field_title_fr (french) -> field_title_gr (german)

field_price (english) -> field_price (french) -> etc...

  • Is it possible to click a link to have the website trigger a language change?
  • Also, how could you have drupal display a different field?
  • Would this method be the drupal way of doing it ? Or is there a module for this already?

This post actually gives insight on how multilanguage fields work using internationalization: http://dominiquedecooman.com/blog/drupal-7-tip-get-field-values-entity-objects-nodes-users-taxonomy

As well as Gabor's Very authoritative one: http://hojtsy.hu/multilingual-drupal7

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There is a number of internationalization modules and the list available here.

To trigger a language change you could use a Language Switcher module.

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