I have been looking through some tutorials, but couldn't find what i wanted to accomplish.

The thing i can't find in any tutorial/resource is the ability to save users registration data on the last step.

What i want to accomplish is to display a registration page for users, and the user goes through 3 steps.

  • Step 1 - Registration info
  • Step 2 - Payment Info
  • Step 3 - Save and show custom message

Can some one post some good resource, where it shows how to do this.. Preferably with explanation so i can learn from it.

The tutorials i followed so far were saving after the first submit.

Thanks in advance

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As a clue, build a module and insert your form inside it, then set your form ['rebuilt'] attribute to TRUE in this way your form is saved in ['storage'] attribute in every step and you can get them via $Form_state variable.

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