I've created this view that displays content an author creates in a table. Trouble is, this view only appears once the author creates at least one piece of content, is there a way to show the labels by default? ie. even when there is no content in the fields?

I tried playing about with no result behaviour, but that just overrides the whole thing. I know there is a lot of info out there on how to hide fields if there is no result but i'm looking for the opposite.

Here's the table: enter image description here

Here's the view: enter image description here

Cheers, Rumman

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Yes, under Advacned Options for the View there is a No Results option. You can set a global text result as an example and say "sorry no values found." Then under the Table format Settings there is a checkbox to show No Results text in Table. That will replace the empty row with your message -- while still showing the table headers.

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