I'm working on a site for a large organization where they host a git repository for the code. But that doesn’t include a copy of Drupal (the core). Their repo has modules and themes directories, files directory, and a few other script files.

So for development I have another completely separate local copy of the site running. What I’m going to run into is -

  1. develop in my local code, then
  2. try to remember what files I changed & copy them over to the repository..
  3. add, commit & push to develop branch

Is there some magical way that I can install Drupal in a directory outside the repository, but for the theme and contributed modules, point to the directories in the repository?

This is on a Mac.

  • I might be misunderstanding but wouldn't a simple symlink do the trick? ln -s /path/to/repo/modules /path/to/drupal/sites/all/modules and the same for themes/files/etc? – Clive Apr 30 '14 at 23:57
  • Do you need to push to the central repo or just pull changes from it? – mpdonadio May 1 '14 at 0:38

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