I need to have a views handler for Views Search API that will allows empty (i.e. NULL) values in fields to be sorted last. For the simple views there is a solution: Views Sort Null Field but I'm totally lost, How to implement the same functionality for Views Search API?

More specifically - Views Search API provide only $query->sort() method that not allow you to add sort formula like $this->query->add_orderby(NULL, "ISNULL($this->table_alias.$this->real_field)", $this->options['order'], $alias)

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In case you are using Search API Database Search as a backend for the Search API you can solve the problem by using hook_search_api_db_query_alter hook:

 * Implements hook_search_api_db_query_alter().
 * Preprocesses a search's database query before it is executed.
 * @param SelectQueryInterface $db_query
 *   The database query to be executed for the search. Will have "item_id" and
 *   "score" columns in its result.
 * @param SearchApiQueryInterface $query
 *   The search query that is being executed.
 * @see SearchApiDbService::preQuery()
function custom_module_search_api_db_query_alter(SelectQueryInterface &$db_query, SearchApiQueryInterface $query) {
  $db_query->orderby('ISNULL(field_field_name)', 'ASC');

This solved it and moved items with NULL values to bottom of the view. Cheers!

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