First of all I've seen lot's of threads about restriction, but didn't find what I'm looking for.

So, my goal is to restrict the access for a specific node to anonymous users and when they try to enter that node, it will redirect them to the user/login page.

I was using Content Access module till now. It works like it should, but the problem is when this module is enabled, block caching is not working. As I know the Context module has the same issue.

I have one big menu block and without caching, the website is 4 times slower. When the Content Access module is disabled, the block is cached and the performance is great.

Let's say the url of the page is 'apple'.

I'm looking for a way to restrict only this page programmatically, without breaking the block caching.

I'm using Drupal 7.

  • Have you considered simply setting the default 403 page to the user login, and restrict the node via a module? Some other options might be logintoboggan, or r4032login modules. – Geoff May 4 '14 at 20:03


// Get the current active node object if present.
$node = menu_get_object();
// Redirect to login page if NID == 42 and user is anonymous.
// User will then go back to node page due to destination being set.
if (   user_is_anonymous() 
    && !empty($node) 
    && !empty($node->nid) 
    && $node->nid == 42
    ) {
  drupal_goto('user/login', array('query' => array('destination' => 'node/' . $node->nid)), 307);


$args = arg();
if (   user_is_anonymous()
    && isset($args[0]) && $args[0] == 'node'
    && isset($args[1]) && is_numeric($args[1])
    ) {
  drupal_goto('user/login', array('query' => array('destination' => 'node/' . $node->nid)), 307);
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  • Where should I put that code, Mickey? I have a custom module, but do I have to call some hook for that? – user2519032 May 4 '14 at 21:25
  • I would use hook_init. – mikeytown2 May 4 '14 at 21:29
  • I think should be <a href="api.drupal.org/api/drupal/modules!system!system.api.php/…> because hook_init is not run in cached pages. Or use hook_init but avoid caching of that node page. – sanzante May 4 '14 at 21:32
  • It works great, Mickey. I think you should edit your answer with adding hook_init(), so I can mark your answer. I've just tested, it doesn't break the block caching. Thank you very much! – user2519032 May 4 '14 at 21:37
  • Just to correct, you have a syntax error. This line should have another parentheses after the letter 307, so it's gonna be like this: drupal_goto('user/login', array('query' => array('destination' => 'node/' . $node->nid), 307)); – user2519032 May 4 '14 at 21:52

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