I'm trying to mass edit users and user field values. And I'm struggling.

I have a custom view with custom fields and filters that lists me users I wish to edit. Now I tried the Views Bulk Operations module but this only allows to start a bulk operation on a field setting all users field values to the same value.

Now what I need is a way to edit the same field across all users but with induvidual values on a per-user basis. I dont want to open 1000+ profiles and find the field in each profile edit form to modify and save it but to mass edit this field for all users at once.

I have views inline editing in my mind, or a view which works like an excel sheet. But most solutions (Editable Views, Editable Fields, Views Megarow, ...) are not working at all or are very limited to special fields or views or content types or whatever.


Imagine a simple example view which lists users and some of their fields.

[ ] Uid   Name   Gender   Age   Relation
[ ] 0     Root                  Admin      Edit
[x] 1     Lea    f        27    Friend     Edit
[x] 2     Dad    m        26    Family     Edit
[ ] ...

Now I selected two users because I want to change their taxonomy reference 'Relation'. And want to get another view which looks like that, listing only the users I selected and the fields I whish to edit:

User   Select Relation
Lea    [Friend][^]
Dad    [Family][^]


Did anyone ever had such a usecase and know of any solution? As I mentioned, VBO gets close to this behaviour but does not

  1. work with taxonomy term references,
  2. allow unique values on a per-user base.
  • Have you tried using the feeds module - drupal.org/project/feeds for this? I know from previous experience you can update existing nodes, haven't tried it on users but their documentation says its works with users. – pokermoneyclips May 5 '14 at 15:33
  • 2
    editableviews is your best bet – Nigel Waters May 7 '14 at 18:33
  • @NigelWaters thanks that one is the best choice indeed. – Afr May 12 '14 at 7:44

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