I have a custom vocabulary which looks something like this:

Shops (vocabulary name)

  • Sporting Goods
  • Auto Parts
  • Computers
  • Etc. (15 items in total, 1 level)

My goal is to create a menu link to Shops and a drop-down sub menu that lists different types of shops (example - Auto Parts). Shops link must be in the main menu.

I have PathAuto installed and all term have their aliases. My problem is that the exact two options from Taxonomy Menu module while editing my vocabulary are disabled:

Add item for vocabulary (disabled)

Shows the vocabulary name as the top level menu item of the taxonomy menu.

Use 'all' at the end of URL (disabled)

This changes tid+tid+tid to "All" in term when Display descendants has been selected. Only used if Menu path type is "Default path". Works with default taxonomy page.

Menu path type is set to Default.

Why are they disabled ? Is this the appropriate module for this kind of menu ? Should this be constructed with Views module (haven't got round to it)

Since I am just beginning to learn drupal, I'd like to use as few modules as necessary, since there is probably a module for everything, but they would only probably bloat the site and I wouldn't learn anything.

Bonus question: are there any simple, widely used D7 themes with built in drop-down menus (currently using Bartik)?

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I am currently working on an ecomerce project and faced same issue. This helped https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBdVW7fC2Tg me so I recommend watching it, For the listing I have used drupal nice menus module. You can use it from https://drupal.org/project/nice_menus. In my project, listing is now working fine and I have 4 different menu items with their respective sub-categories. any

If you still face any issues I will be available to help!

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