I figured out a way to add a photo gallery to the bottom of a story using a custom content type for the photos, then creating a view with clickable thumbnails and saving it as a block. The problem is I can't reuse this for the next story. I would need to create yet another content type and another view. How can I set it up so I can post a different gallery to a different story?

Is there a module that might help with this? I tried Views Galleriffic, but it doesn't seem to work as a block. I couldn't find any way to make the gallery appear at the bottom of a story.

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I ended up add the images directly to the story with new fields so they could be shown as a gallery of thumbnails with a block. I used a view with a grid and followed directions to create a contextual filter from this helpful post: http://www.drupalwoo.com/content/blog/easy-gallery-image-option-your-content-editors-drupal-7

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